Virtual Software Tools Take Homebuying to a New Level

Over the years, there has been a significant change in the way people buy and sell real estate. Gone are the days when developers design a model unit for a large project, and then bring in an aggressive broker to close the deal. Today, some of the more tech-savvy real estate agents and brokers are starting to create a virtual exhibit of a home, allowing potential buyers to do a virtual tour of the home using their computer, iPad, or iPhone. Instead of sinking a lot of money into high-cost real estate developments, some of the more Tech savvy marketers are creating virtual exhibits of the homes they are selling.

There’s a new form of technology that is revolutionizing the way real estate agents buy and sell homes. It’s called augmented reality. Put simply, augmented reality is a view of the real world environment whose elements are augmented (or enhanced) by computer generated graphics.

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With augmented reality, buyers don’t actually see a hands-on, real-life tour, but instead they can actually view the model on a computer, saving homebuilders and real estate brokers a great deal of money, since they don’t actually have to build the home—instead, they create on virtual model of the home on a computer. As such, the virtual tours of the home are said to use “augmented reality.” This comes in handy especially when you are in the market for luxury real estate homes in different communities around Park City.

Real estate marketing and other sales tactics have become more high-tech, and some are already available today.

A few software developers have taken the idea of augmented reality a step further by creating a virtual reality of a home without using PCs, iPods or tablets. In this scenario, the user (in this case, a potential buyer) puts on a set of headgear, such as goggles or a helmet. The user then walks through a virtual space (or home model) where he or she can try it out, change views and floor plans, all of which is done as if they were on foot. The real home doesn’t exist, but the user sees a replica of the home which is projected on a screen in front of him or her. This idea of augmented reality transfers to huge savings for homebuilders and brokers, since they don’t have to go to the expense of building a model home.

Other augmented reality tools include headgear (such as goggles or a helmet) along with gesture-based software, and his/her body movements can change what they see and hear on the screen. Several video games on the market use augmented reality where the game player sports head gear, and his/her body movements are projected onscreen.

If you watched the movie, Minority Report with Tom Cruise, you probably saw some examples of augmented reality. In the movie, it seemed like a fantasy, however several years after it was made, the concept of augmented reality provides some practical applications in the world of real estate and other businesses as well.




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